Saturday, September 8, 2012

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

Sorry for any confusion, but where you are RIGHT NOW is going to be my Ranting Redhead Radio blog. I know before I said it would be here, but it's usual to have some SNAFU's on the first show.....but really I was just being indecisive when the show aired. I thought I could merge Ranting Redhead Radio with Confessions of a Former Catholic, but after others' advice, and the realization that both topics seemed to lose their luster when combined with the other, I decided to keep them separate but equal.

....cuz that's always worked out great in the past, hasn't it? :o/

As promised, this is where you will find the blog and video teasers. In other words I'll give you the topics, ask for your input, use it on the show, and after it airs, link to the archives here.

On this blog, you will also find me ranting and raving about random things that piss me off. :D The will always be related to feminism and/or atheism. I won't bore any of you with details of my latest expedition to Walmart or how much I hate Lady Gaga's music.

If you do want to hear about my latest expedition to Walmart or how much I hate Lady Gaga's Music or any other of the variety of pies I have my fingers in, here is a list of my other blogs:




Random crap including but not limited to politics, feminism, pop culture:

I don't update all of them very frequently....especially the one about cooking.


There will be a regularly updated charity post that will have links to each charity I cover. For now, it's kinda empty because I'm only on episode 2, but I thought it would be good to have all the charities in one place so they can always be found and donated to.

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